Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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Re: Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

I am 100% certain that there will NOT be another DSLR 5D series camera. Canon is wanting its users to go the mirrorless route, which is why they are pretty much exclusively developing for the R-mount on its lenses, and they have dropped off the EF lenses.

The only reason there was a 1DX Mark 3, is because Canon knew there is a solid enough professional base, that depends on the tried and true form of that professional line of cameras, not to mention it's ergonomics, long battery life, and more. The 5D, 6D series are gone the way of the Dodo, and are now known as the R5/R6. Eventually, there will be an R1 model to replace the 1DX line, but this may be a while until Canon can get form factor and battery life where it needs to be for professional photographers.

From a financial perspective, this is a wise move for Canon to make, in dropping the full frame enthusiast DSLR line. At least for a while, the only new DSLRs you will see from Canon, will be entry level models (and maybe one or two enthusiast models), that they can sell fast and cheap (minus the enthusiast models, like a 90D successor).

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