Novice seeking advice for camera upgrade

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Re: Novice seeking advice for camera upgrade

Fancy stuff aside, I say go for the a6400, and don't be bothered by the fluff that people that don't even own the camera or one from the same family talk about from something that they read.

Read the reviews here if you haven't already.  Use the "Studio Scene" widget, move the cursor box around, look closely at the detail that the a6400 displays over other cameras.

I have an a6300.  I also have an a7R III, a full frame Canon, Nikons...  I'm NOT selling my a6300..!  It takes great photos.  Semi-cost friendly, easy to handle, transport.  I bought mine for a year long task that I did for work, away from home.  I went home every two weeks to download and to see what I captured.  VERY few non-keepers.  And this is a years worth of car shows, historical sites, museums, people, etc.

The limitations will be in the len(s) that you buy.


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