A7R IV RT tracking inaccuracy...?

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Re: A7R IV RT tracking inaccuracy...?

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I noticed that when using R4 in realt time tracking mode (small spot) focus seem to be a bit inaccurate. Flat surfaces or distant larger objects are ok, however, when doing close-ups or smaller objects/taking pictures of some curved surfaces, the focus tend to shift somewhere to the ‘back’ - the center of the green frame is not in focus often. It seems that it tends to focus on the outside edges of the green tracking frame which is definitely larger than the ‘small spot’. It shoud simply focus on the center, not on the edges, but it is not.

When zooming in afterwards on the camera, it zooms right to the center of the green frame ...which is not in focus area.

I first noticed this with 200-600mm. Today I tried 90mm macro and noticed this tendency even more.

When using AF-C/small spot (without tracking), the camera ‘nails’ focus and ewerything is fine, Eye-AF is great as well... So it should not be some mechanical error.

Do you find RT tracking to be the same - less inaccurate?

P.S. I believe tracking is not very precise for close-ups on A9 as well, however on R4 I seem to notice the issue more.

my thinking on this topic is:

"tracking" is for track moving persons or things . it is not meant to "recompose" no moving objects.

if you like to do still lives, use pouch pad/joystick flexible spot af-s.

I tried to focus on things which moved/swinged around in wind as well. Same results.

P.S. I wonder why we are still on FW v1/1.01 almost a year after the release.

We are waiting for the promised firmware that will have reduced RAW file sizes.

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