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dcstep wrote:

engbert wrote:

Over the past few months there have been posts about focus problems with the A7R4, especially with the 200-600. A least some seem to be from using stabilization at too high shutter speeds.

But we really need stabilization to aim and focus the camera. Sony should make it stop just before the exposure if calculates it will not help.

That's what all this tech is for!

Practice and you'll get the hang of it. I shoot my 600 GM with 1.4x TC hand held, with OSS off at speeds over 1/1000-sec. I don't understand why, but the keeper rate is much closer to 100% with OSS off. I used to notice instability as I aimed, when I first started turning it off, but it's no longer an issue at all. I shoot thousands of clicks per week. If you only shoot occasionally under those conditions, I think you're better off leaving OSS on and putting up with the slight decline in keeper rate.

theres pages and pages of users with issues using a7r4 and their 200-600. Many have tried with stabilization off, high shutter speeds, ect. Even 'pros' who would know how to shoot with a high mp camera are saying there is an issue.

Your 600 gm isnt the issue.

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