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Re: Will Pentax Survive? Nikkei says Ricoh exposed to "activist investors"

Investors could be more of a threat to the Pentax name than anything else.

If the Pentax branded products from Ricoh are not returning a big enough return or even losing money investors could easily demand doing away with it and reallocating budget and resources to Ricoh Gr, Theta lines.

We’ve seen how Olympus is selling off imaging division to JIP.  Who knows how that will turn out.

A few years back we saw investor Dan Loeb and Third Point Capital who had a 1.5 billion dollar stake in Sony push to split semi conductor imaging sensor division away from entertainment division. Sony pushed back but back in March of this year they said that is what they were going to do now.

I’m no investment expert, far from it but I do know enough to know investors will eliminate anything if they think it will make them more money. If the Pentax brand numbers are not good enough I would not be surprised to see it sold off.

If investors did force Ricoh to sell off Pentax brand it doesn’t mean the end of Pentax, it could but it could also mean a better future but only time will tell.

Of all the Pentax is doomed stories, comments and videos over the years they just keep on going, very slowly but they are around. This story about activist investors though is one I would take seriously.

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