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Re: 5DS - Low light file handling

jkgal wrote:

Would it be better, from the noise performance, to shoot in MRAW (28MP). Or shoot the full 50MP and then downsize to roughly 28MP in post.

Talking live music gigs where 28MP is enough for my application. Would rather ingest the smaller RAW files on the MAC, but noise performance is paramount.

Apologies if already discussed elsewhere.

MRAW doesn't do anything better than what you can do in software, yourself. Do not consider it or any intermediate downsampling as a "method" of noise reduction; it only yields smaller files.

Your best bet is always to capture full resolution, turn down sharpening, apply any noise reduction appropriate for the size you plan to resample to (the more you're going to downsample, the harder you can hit the full res with noise reduction), resample to the target pixel count, and then apply any sharpening. Sometimes an independent "Edge sharpen" can make the result look sharper without emphasizing noise as much as a normal sharpening.

Having the MRAW pixel count in the chain of processing only bakes in artifacts of the resampling to the MRAW.

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