Contax T3, Provia 400X and Flextight X5

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Re: Contax T3, Provia 400X and Flextight X5

i8z wrote:

The T3 might be the best 35mm pocket camera around. I still have one but I seldom use it because it can no longer be repaired. I try and save it as a second film camera for trips.

cameras don’t like not being used, that can break them as well

My suggestion would be to buy a camera that can still be repaired. for most of my small camera uses I used a Leica MDA (The blind leica) and a voigtlander lens. Sure, it is larger than a leica CM or Contact T3, but if you spent almost two grand on a T3 and it doesn't work, what are your options?


If you buy a cheap olympus point and shoot and it breaks you can just find another. I hope I am not coming off as a jerk.

I don’t think you can buy a “cheap” Mju ii anymore,  they’re going for over  twice the price of a Nikon F80 + 50mm, which is a much better camera

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