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Re: 600 F5.6 DO previous prototype

quiquae wrote:

pahooj wrote:

When Canon showed the prototype 4 or 5 years ago it was actually an F4 lens not much bigger than the current 400 DO II (which I love.) Before the recent announcements of the 1DX 3 and the R5 I was seriously considering switching to Sony but the hope for a 600 F4 DO made me wait.

I still hope that Canon will bring out an RF version of the 600 DO F4 but I think before they do that they will bring out the big expensive lens - 500, 600 and 800 in the RF format. They may be targeting the next Olympics for that now that Covid-19 has pushed those out.

I don't know which prototype you saw, but if it really was a 600F4, it would have been much larger and heavier than a 400F4. Specifically, about 1.5x larger in entrance diameter, or 2.25x in entrance surface area, with corresponding increase in weight. DO only helps reduce the length of the lens; it doesn't do a thing about the diameter.

There was indeed a 600/4 DO prototype which Canon made public, but as you suggest it was a lot bigger than the relatively tiny 400/4.

It's a shame it didn't make it into production, I would have preferred it to the 600/4L IS III. I don't suppose I would have liked the price though.

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