M5 or M50?

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Recommend M50

I did some research on the M5 and despite its wonderful body design the innards are a couple of generations older than the M50 ---- even the M6/M100 are faster and apparently the M5 has a few bugs which never got fixed , sadly its not the M6 with a viewfinder I hoped it would be and I bought a cheap used M100 as a get-by . the M50 in the UK even used is far from cheap and if I do get a "serious" M , I want 2 dials and the works

the M50 is just one step behind the M6-II in AF etc , but has Electronic 1st curtain shutter (as do the M5/6/100/200) and an EVF , you lose the second command dial and other buttons though but the touchscreen interface on these canons (even the humble M100) is superb ..

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