M5 or M50?

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WT21 wrote:

I am moving systems (back) to Canon. I'm going with the RP as my main system, but would like a smaller complimentary system. The M line looks pretty good, and I don't care at all about the doomers. I'm coming off m43, so what's the difference, lol. I just want to have controls in my big body and smaller body that are at least similar.

Looking at the bodies, I'm thinking likely either the M5 or M50. Maybe the M200. I'll likely only be using two lenses - M22 and the M55-200 as a travel kit.

What's the real-world difference between the 5 and the 50? I don't care about 4K - 1080 is fine, and I don't do a lot of video anyway. I do like to share to my phone. And like good AF, but it will be mainly for static shots, not action or anything like that. I like the dual dials of the M5, but do I lose anything in: AF, colors, DR or noise?

Thanks for any help

I have both the m50 & M6ii and the M6ii has way better with auto focus (not that the M50 is bad) plus the extra dials are great too.

I would go with m5 if you want the extra dial, otherwise m50 would be better...I think the m200 is the newest of the bunch with better af than m50 & would go well with the 22mm as a compact option....depends on your preference at the end.

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