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Ad12 wrote:

Indeed! I do feel that my Canon EF-s lenses are a dead breed. It’s why I will now, confirmed after my comparison, sell my EF-S lenses now. My EF Tamron/Sigma lens, i think I want to keep for now, and should retain value given the cheap adapter to the RF mount. I guess the issue is, if Canon make f11 and f8 lenses or whatever, they can get the size down, and match the light gathering of APS-C. Although for me, the main thing I like about my Fujifilm are the controls. I can do most things without ever opening a menu. I love that. I do feel the XT4 price makes it a bit too close to a Sony A7iii for it to be competitive. However, I disliked the Sony experience when I tried it, and the price will drop of course!

I loved the Canon brand from my first film camera (Canon 110 ED) and my first SLR (Canon AE-1).  My Canon DSLR days went 300D, 350D, 40D, 5DM2, and 5DM3.

The 40D was when I bought the EF-s 17-55/2.8 IS and 10-24; for telephoto, I skipped the 70-300 and went with the 70-200/4L and then 70-200/4L IS.  I didn't think about buying a 35mm prime; I had the 50/1.8 that I hated the focal length.  Gave all of this to a good friend.  When I visit him, using the EF-s lenses on that old 40D still puts a smile on my face.

It took the 5DM2 and 5DM3 before I discovered primes and better zooms.

If Canon went for mirrorless with the promise of lenses designed for mirrorless when the X-T2 came out, I would have gone back as a Canon brand loyalist as well as faith that Canon was big enough that there will be a better probability Canon will make mirrorless work.

What has Canon did in the last six or seven years?  Lots of recycled sensors; very few new lenses.  I did buy an EOS-M and four lenses; sold them all.  Was not really happy using the EOS-M gear.

What has Fujifilm did in the last six years?  Showed it can make sound decisions with its limited R&D and manufacturing resources.  I always enjoyed shooting with my Fujifilm gear.

As for Sony, I rented the RX10 line and some A7 cameras and lenses over the years.  I liked their sensors in comparison to Canon's.  I always hated Sony menus and was never that happy with the ergonomics.  The Sony Minolta DSLR stuff was very interesting.

My personal goal is to try to spend less time on websites and more time outside taking photos! Haha Comparisons for comparisons sake is a bit useless!

You nailed it!  If you don't use your gear enough, you will get used to using it and get the most out of it. You might even develop emotional bonds with your gear, remembering all of the good photography trips you've taken together. 

If you don't use your gear enough and spend more time on websites obsessed with nothing; but, gear comparisons and "equivalence", you might understand what is good enough for you and be happy with what you currently own.

Not everyone has enough money allocated to photography gear to essentially buy everything out there.

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