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Marcos Villaroman wrote:

Ad12 wrote:

So, i setup my tripod and did a few comparisons with the 18-55/17-50 and 10-18/10-24.

18-55 vs 17-50 , i looked at 17/18mm, and 50mm (my two main used focal lengths)

- XF 18-55 without peeping basically comparable with the sigma 17-50, which surprised me

- Sigma is probably a tad sharper in the very centre

- Sigma corner performance is a bit visibly worse than the Fuji I think

- Not the lens fault directly, but i noticed the XT30 managed noise at higher ISO visibly better than my Canon, which could help compensate for the loss of f2.8 at the long end.

- Fuji lens is smaller and lighter to boot.

- Verdict: Sell the 17-50

10-24 vs 10-18, (compared at 10 and 18)

- Fuji lens is wider than the Canon at 10mm, given crop factor. It’s noticeable and useful! Plus it has the extra reach

- Fuji lens is faster which could help indoor architecture none tripod shots

- The centre of the Fuji and most of the frame seems noticeably sharper than the EF-s 10-18 when peeping a bit, which doesn’t agree with the comparison charts I felt i’d seen, but happy!

- At the very extreme edges the fuji seems a tad softer than the Canon. However, two points about this. 1: The Fuji has a wider focal range, so can crop in if you wanted to the same as the Canon. 2: The Fuji has applied corrections even in RAW, The canon does not, so this impacts softness. I should apply corrections to the Canon and compare

- Ultimately, the Fuji is mainly noticeably sharper if peeping, minus very extreme edges. However, ultimately without peeping, both lenses can do a great job. Therefore the comparison comes down to: Fuji is better built, ultimately sharper, faster, wider (due to crop factor) and longer!

Verdict: Sell my 10-18!

Thanks for sharing your comparison thoughts!

I remember back when my main camera was a Canon 40D. There was no inexpensive Samyang/Rokinon ultra-wide option; the EF-s 10-22/3.5-4.5 zoom was the only ultra wide out there.

With the industry focus on full-frame mirrorless, is APS-C essentially dead to everyone except Fujifilm? This is dead in not seeing new lens designs anytime soon.

Indeed! I do feel that my Canon EF-s lenses are a dead breed. It’s why I will now, confirmed after my comparison, sell my EF-S lenses now. My EF Tamron/Sigma lens, i think I want to keep for now, and should retain value given the cheap adapter to the RF mount.  I guess the issue is, if Canon make f11 and f8 lenses or whatever, they can get the size down, and match the light gathering of APS-C.  Although for me, the main thing I like about my Fujifilm are the controls. I can do most things without ever opening a menu. I love that.  I do feel the XT4 price makes it a bit too close to a Sony A7iii for it to be competitive. However, I disliked the Sony experience when I tried it, and the price will drop of course!

My personal goal is to try to spend less time on websites and more time outside taking photos! Haha Comparisons for comparisons sake is a bit useless!

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