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Re: Lens Test

Ad12 wrote:

So, i setup my tripod and did a few comparisons with the 18-55/17-50 and 10-18/10-24.

18-55 vs 17-50 , i looked at 17/18mm, and 50mm (my two main used focal lengths)

- XF 18-55 without peeping basically comparable with the sigma 17-50, which surprised me

- Sigma is probably a tad sharper in the very centre

- Sigma corner performance is a bit visibly worse than the Fuji I think

- Not the lens fault directly, but i noticed the XT30 managed noise at higher ISO visibly better than my Canon, which could help compensate for the loss of f2.8 at the long end.

- Fuji lens is smaller and lighter to boot.

- Verdict: Sell the 17-50

10-24 vs 10-18, (compared at 10 and 18)

- Fuji lens is wider than the Canon at 10mm, given crop factor. It’s noticeable and useful! Plus it has the extra reach

- Fuji lens is faster which could help indoor architecture none tripod shots

- The centre of the Fuji and most of the frame seems noticeably sharper than the EF-s 10-18 when peeping a bit, which doesn’t agree with the comparison charts I felt i’d seen, but happy!

- At the very extreme edges the fuji seems a tad softer than the Canon. However, two points about this. 1: The Fuji has a wider focal range, so can crop in if you wanted to the same as the Canon. 2: The Fuji has applied corrections even in RAW, The canon does not, so this impacts softness. I should apply corrections to the Canon and compare

- Ultimately, the Fuji is mainly noticeably sharper if peeping, minus very extreme edges. However, ultimately without peeping, both lenses can do a great job. Therefore the comparison comes down to: Fuji is better built, ultimately sharper, faster, wider (due to crop factor) and longer!

Verdict: Sell my 10-18!

Thanks for sharing your comparison thoughts!

I remember back when my main camera was a Canon 40D.  There was no inexpensive Samyang/Rokinon ultra-wide option; the EF-s 10-22/3.5-4.5 zoom was the only ultra wide out there.

With the industry focus on full-frame mirrorless, is APS-C essentially dead to everyone except Fujifilm?  This is dead in not seeing new lens designs anytime soon.

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