Why do fujifilm cameras require a jpg rather than raw for a 1:1 review in camera?

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Re: Why do fujifilm cameras require a jpg rather than raw for a 1:1 review in camera?

There are many things you could mean by that, but I think you mean this old dilemma that can be confusing.

When you review an image in your EVF or LCD on-camera and you are shooting raw only, you are seeing the small embedded jpeg, which is not more than just a very-low-res thumbnail.  That can cause problems for us raw shooters because most in-camera settings apply to the jpeg and not the raw, and it can mess with your histogram for making EV corrections on the fly during the shoot.

So many people shoot raw plus full-size jpeg, that way your review process in camera is the full-size jpeg (not the much smaller low res embedded jpeg in the raw file), which allows you to check critical focus and other things on that large jpeg file.

I shoot raw only and have some settings that cause my embedded jpeg in the raw to better reflect the actual raw file, but it would look flat and ugly to you.

If I want to check the image at 1:1, that will be in post later in LR when I am peeping the raw file.

I want no jpegs until I need them, and then I export them from LR whenever I want them for posting or emailing.  Then I erase the jpeg.

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