Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Re: Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

tbcass wrote:

Don't confuse easier or simpler with intuitive.

I don't think I am.

If I never drove a car, or worried about oil changes, then I don't think even the menu system in the Nissan would be intuitive. LOL.

So it is not that it is overall intuitive. It's not like if I never had an oil change that I would automatically think . . . ok, I need to reset the service reminder. Or having a dedicated button on the dashboard that was labelled "Reset Service Light". LOL.

But . . . once you know that that is there, which car makes it easier to do that task.

The menu driven system in my Nissan, within the context of . . . 1) Me knowing that I need to reset the service reminder, and 2) Knowing that I can do that myself, and 3) I know how to use a menu system, the menu system in the Nissan is intuitive (within that context), since I know it is there and I just have to find it in the menu system. It IMHO is surely more intuitive than the procedure to reset the service reminder in my Dodge Grand Caravan! LOL.

But . . . I think, once you pass a certain level of knowledge about what you are doing . . . it is about how well the menu system is laid out to allow you to do the changes you want without having to refer to an instruction manual. (IMHO.)

It's like . . . if I have used a digital camera before. And I know about most of the settings that are usually hidden in a menu system that I want to access and change (Like choosing between 1/2 step or 1/3 step changes in exposure compensation), how easy is it to get to that option in the menu system.

Of course IMHO this is a completely different issue on how usable a camera is.

Once you have everything set-up the way you want, menu diving would probably be at a minimum.

A completely separate issue is how usable is the UI?

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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