Question: Tamron 28-200 vs Sony 24-105/4

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Re: Question: Tamron 28-200 vs Sony 24-105/4

ShenYL wrote:

Foto4x4 wrote:

ShenYL wrote:.

Since you have the A7R4, like myself, I will take the Sony APSC 70-350mm (FF 105mm-525mm equiv), at 625gm, lighter than the 24-105mm (663gm), and a reach of FL 525mm. Of course if you insist on FF, then consider the new Sigma 100-400mm, of course the weight is 1135gm (almost double).

Personally, I am fixed with my perfect combo - 18mm AF Samyang, 24-105mm F4, and APSC FF equiv 105mm-525mm. The IQ of the 70-350mm is superb, much better than the Tamron 28-200mm.


Gees, that’s a big call. I understand the reasoning about the usefulness of the 70-350 range in crop mode, at least on the A7RIV, but it’s not a substitute for the 28-200 and I’d love to see how you’ve established it’s “much better” IQ. Given I already own the 24-105 and 100-400GM, as well as the 28-200, it’s easy for me to compare the IQ of each lens and I’m surprised how close the 28-200 is in IQ to both Sonys. Besides it’s simply not reasonable to compare the IQ of an APS-C lens and a FF objectively.

Fully agreed, I should have avoided the comparison with the FF option of 28-200mm.

I am focused on total weight of gears for long trip, where you can get good IQ, and covers FL ranges with a light total weight.

The 70-350mm has been rated very highly when used on the A6600. I can confirm that it works very well on the A7R4 in terms of sharpness and IQ.

Thus, when I view the photos in this forum taken with the Tamron 28-200mm, I was really not impressed with the sharpness. That was where I derive my opinion from.

Sorry about my excitement with my 70-350mm lens. Cheers.

Shen -

So, then you really have no idea how well the new Tamron performs.

Another...just another hearsay comment, with little substance.

Give the original poster a break, he wants real info..!


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