A question re Tamron 28-200 and SS

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Re: A question re Tamron 28-200 and SS

Photo Pete wrote:

Foto4x4 wrote:

Thanks. That is sounding a little more positive.

My main concern is the quality I’m likely to get in the 80 - 300mm range. I have the Olympus 40-150 f2.8 (80-300 FF equivalent). So for a focal length of 200mm, in low light situations, I can comfortably achieve acceptable quality hand held results by shooting that at 1/6second, f2.8 and iso 3200. The replacement on the Sony is likely to be the Sigma 100-400 which at 200mm has a max aperture of around f5.6. To match the low light performance of my Olympus kit I would need to be able to shoot hand held with the Sony at 1/6second, f5.6 and iso 12800... which sounds like it won’t be achievable. I’ll probably be at least 2 stops worse off.

If you are saying hand held shots with the Sony at 200mm are possible at around 1/15 second then this probably isn’t a major issue for me as the use case above is obviously a performance outlier with extreme low light and extreme length hand held shutter speeds. For more normal shooting at 1/15 second or faster I’ll just be able to shoot the sony at f5.6 and 2 stops higher iso than the Olympus kit, but benefit from the extra detail of the Sony.

If, as was suggested earlier in this thread, I needed to shoot the Sony at 1/focal length for sharp results, even with IS, it would be a whole different ball game.

Pete, may I ask what you’re shooting at 200mm in such low light conditions? That seems pretty unusual. I mean what something is capable of vs how often is such a thing needed. Eg, if I’m shooting at that slow a speed I’m shooting a static object. Therefore I grab a tripod or place the camera on a stable place and take a longer exposure with a more manageable ISO. I’m intrigued.

Architectural details in interiors (My main profession is as an architect). Often tripods are prohibited.

Makes sense now. Thanks.

Also, there’s more to m43:FF equivalence than I can explain here but you need to consider the additional light gathering of the 2x times of a FF sensor.

That was built into my calculations above.

I think you'll be fine. The better noise handling, dynamic range and resolution will still win in my view. I took some church interiors last year in very dark spaces and got fine results lifting the shadows in Lr. And got details not possible with my EM1.2. Still the Oly IBIS was amazing. Canon claim 8 stops with their new R5. Perhaps its worth waiting to see how that comes out when the camera is available.

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Cheers, John
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