5D vs EOS R - Longevity?

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Re: 5D vs EOS R - Longevity?

I think they will have some life to them, because even when the mechanical shutter fails, you'll still have the electronic shutter.  But who knows what kinds of issues might crop up with the electronics.  Newer electronics tend to be less robust because they're more complicated, so more failure points.

There was a video recently about how Sony's sensor mounts were breaking inside the camera, and it was a significant percentage of these camera's estimated to suffer from this issue. So who knows what other problems could crop up internally.

Personally, I'm not a fan of EVF's. OVF's are far more enjoyable to use, despite having less features.  I don't need live view or anything but an OVF.

Most of the R5's hype comes from its video capabilities. As a stills camera, it's not leaps and bounds.  Way too many cameras are hyped up primarily because of their video capabilities. While this might be important to some, it makes reviews a bit hard to listen to, because you're listening to it from the perspective of a youtube videographers who often know very little about photography, or for them it's not the forefront of what they're interested in.

And let's also keep in mind battery life. 5D's can take over 900 shots on a single battery charge. R5 takes less than 200.

The RF lenses are also insanely expensive. The cheapest one is $400 and it's an f/4 STM zoom lens. Of course you can use an adapter, but the weight/size of the body is definitely going to be unbalanced in the front.

And who knows how long RF remains a thing.  Who knows if 5-10 years from now they drop it for something else.  Meanwhile the EF mount has been around for more than 30 years, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  There probably won't be an EF camera anytime soon, but there will be eventually.

My guess is eventually OVF with EVF overlay hybrids will become a thing, and then at that point, strictly mirrorless camera's will become old news and for "cheap" camera's only.  And the problem with that is lenses like RF, will have no room for that mirror, while EF will.  So we could eventually see a huge explosion of people flocking back to EF lenses.

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