Leibovitz attacked for not photographing someone right

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Re: Leibovitz and Vogue have been doing the dark, matte skin thing for years

Ellis Vener wrote:

And not just for people with darkly pigmented skin. It goes back to at least the early 2000's.

The "lack of shine" and "ashy" quality is what many of the people going after her on Twitter are complaining about. I'm not black but maybe including that shine is a cultural norm Vogue's editor should be thinking about.

I don't know if the dark palette is a style style Leibovitz came up with or if it is something an art director suggested but it is one of the things people don't like about her "style." Yes I'd like to see it change. But I'd also like to hear the reasoning behind it explained.

Meanwhile no one has commented about the fact that Ms. Biles had her nipples and areola removed.

Funny.  I knew a second unit director in Toronto and they tried to get rid of the "shine" because they said it made actors appear to be always sweating.

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