R5/R6 EVF performance?

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Re: R5/R6 EVF performance?

Zeee wrote:

Start at minute 3. "100 frames consecutively with no lag".


Thank you for all the marked video links.  I have seem many awesome shots.   Of course this remains with questions about lenses and lighting and other scenes or surprises out the blue.

It sure looks good and my EOS R can not do that or anything close when it comes to action.  I have seen so many reviews my head swims including the infuriating vlogger and YouTube over reaching with complaints of thermal specs at 8K and 4K HQ mode.

I have heard no actual numbers of Servo AF HS mode with mechanical shutter.  I think it must be around 9 fps with focus delays of the average scene.

I am glad i can keep 60hz display refresh mode for long battery life.   That should affect the shooting FPS with mechanical shutter.   I saw some demos of the shutter in the R5 at

20 fps but I did not even see the rolling shutter artifacts they were talking about.  It was a video and not still where I think the artifacts are easier to see for most people.   I will have wait for the camera.    I hope preorder beat the herd going to Adorama when I did.

Rolling shutter and thermal issues were the trash talkers and Canon haters most frequently topics of the reviews I saw.  33MP stills from 8K video clips sounds interesting.  Looks like I will be getting a 128GB CFexpress type B card when camera arrives to test this out.   So many new things to try!

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