Between 300mm f4, 70-200mm f2.8 and 80-400mm which one would you choose and why?

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Re: Now - primarily the 80-400 G

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

The 80-400 has a reputation for being prone to collecting dust.

80-400 G 6 years internal dust

While not the end of the world - there is at least double the amount of dust than in any of my other Nikon lenses after a few years use.

What Nikon UK calls the lens collar (where the hood bayonets on) is very thin compared most other of the Nikon bayonet collar lenses I own - and can break.

Thin lens collar is easily broken in a minor impact.

I do not know when it happened - but it has happened.

The only other Nikon lens that does not have about 4 mm more more plastic behind the collar (usually including the Nikon gold ring) seems to be the 200-500.

The 80-400 G is close to the price of the 70-200 FL in the UYK.

The 300 PF can have "interesting flare" when the sun is near the edge of the frame.

Which combination you choose is personal choice - part influenced by your view on 5x zoom convenience v a single lens and converter.

The Sigma 100-400 C also collects, after heavy use, a little dust inside the front lens element, but it is easy to clean it out yourself if you feel inclined to do so. Just three screws the lens collar in place and then there are three screws that holds the lens in place, then you lift off the front element (don't damage the shims!) and blow away the dust, and then reassembly. The job takes maybe 5 minutes, tops! Invalidates your warranty, of course!

It is very resistant to flare, of any kind, but it can happen if the sun is visible in the viewfinder, unless it is a setting sun. So just 9/10 there.

The Sigma is sharp at 400mm, much better than my 80-400G was (I might have had a bad copy, who knows).

Pretty decent as a close-up lens, and even better with a Canon 500D (77mm version with a 67-77mm step-up ring).

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