A question re Tamron 28-200 and SS

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Re: A question re Tamron 28-200 and SS

Foto4x4 wrote:

Thanks. That is sounding a little more positive.

My main concern is the quality I’m likely to get in the 80 - 300mm range. I have the Olympus 40-150 f2.8 (80-300 FF equivalent). So for a focal length of 200mm, in low light situations, I can comfortably achieve acceptable quality hand held results by shooting that at 1/6second, f2.8 and iso 3200. The replacement on the Sony is likely to be the Sigma 100-400 which at 200mm has a max aperture of around f5.6. To match the low light performance of my Olympus kit I would need to be able to shoot hand held with the Sony at 1/6second, f5.6 and iso 12800... which sounds like it won’t be achievable. I’ll probably be at least 2 stops worse off.

If you are saying hand held shots with the Sony at 200mm are possible at around 1/15 second then this probably isn’t a major issue for me as the use case above is obviously a performance outlier with extreme low light and extreme length hand held shutter speeds. For more normal shooting at 1/15 second or faster I’ll just be able to shoot the sony at f5.6 and 2 stops higher iso than the Olympus kit, but benefit from the extra detail of the Sony.

If, as was suggested earlier in this thread, I needed to shoot the Sony at 1/focal length for sharp results, even with IS, it would be a whole different ball game.

Pete, may I ask what you’re shooting at 200mm in such low light conditions? That seems pretty unusual. I mean what something is capable of vs how often is such a thing needed. Eg, if I’m shooting at that slow a speed I’m shooting a static object. Therefore I grab a tripod or place the camera on a stable place and take a longer exposure with a more manageable ISO. I’m intrigued.

Architectural details in interiors (My main profession is as an architect). Often tripods are prohibited.

Also, there’s more to m43:FF equivalence than I can explain here but you need to consider the additional light gathering of the 2x times of a FF sensor.

That was built into my calculations above.

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Cheers, John
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