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Re: Shot from today, Mavic 2 Pro

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I've been going round in circles for a while about this. Initially looked at coming in under the registration regs and getting a mavic mini, but being a D850/810 shooter I don't think I could contend with the JPG IQ and lack of manual camera controls. I've now went right up to checking out the mavic air, and mavic pro 2 vs the pro 2 zoom. I tend to like the pro a bit better as the camera seems to be better, and it shoots raw? Should I consider the zoom? What are the tradeoffs in your opinion, 20mp vs 12mp, and the slightly better DR of the pro 2, with no zoom function so fixed at 28mm equiv. Although this drone would be mainly for rural / wilderness area photography I would still like to do video. I have heard that the video 8bit mode is very oversaturated and contrasty. I know it has a 10bit log mode but I'm not sure I'm a video "tweaker" as much as I am with photography - in the sense I'd want to just share unedited clips etc on occasion. Thoughts on this specifically?

What are your recommendations? The max (absolute max is £1500). Priority is RAW capture stills at best quality possible, and a decentish flight time with good connection to the drone so it doesn't get lost or crashed. I'll be using 2-3 shots for exposure blending so need steady flight (again the mavic 2 fits that bill it would seem). I'm assuming that grad ND's aren't used for drones! (I understand for video that ND's can be used of course). Thanks in advance.

This was stitched together from a few shots

This is a jpg with minimal processing in LR

if you click on them, and select 100%, you can see all the issues we are talking about


Any advice or pointers would be appreciated. I'm new at this, would love to learn how to maximize my shots.

if you shoot in the evening or morning, you need to take many photos and stack/average them.

you need a tool that doesn’t only do a straight average, but also aligns them, because the drone will move in between.

you can see here:

Given that you have a 1/2” sensor, all photos, no matter what time of day will benefit from this.

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