7D Mark II Zone AF Troubleshooting

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Re: 7D Mark II Zone AF Troubleshooting

Mike-G wrote:

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Mike-G wrote:

Over the past week my 7D Mark II has been unable to acquire small subjects (birds) while operating in any of the Zone Autofocus modes. I checked all AF settings (AI Servo on, ITR Off, cycled through all AF cases and Initial AF Pts, turned on and off Lens Drive when AF Impossible) and pre-focused the camera to a distance where the birds were flying. I'll double check tonight, but I didn't have problems acquiring a couple of aircraft in Zone AF.

Frequently I could see the bird in my viewfinder, but when I pressed the focus button, the bird disappeared. I'm not experiencing any focus problems in single point AF modes.

Am I missing anything in terms of settings? I bought the camera used about a year and a half ago and have taken tens of thousands of shots. I don't mess around with settings now that I've found a few that work, and I haven't dropped the camera (although I have been tempted to throw it into a lake a few times).

Until last week, the camera was able to easily acquire small birds like swallows and martins against a blue sky while using Large Zone AF. Against busier backgrounds the camera was more challenged, but that's more lack of operator skills as it is the camera's shortcomings.

I tried my 80D in identical shooting conditions using Zone AF (I switched bodies throughout my photography sessions yesterday and the day before...lighting conditions were excellent both days), and the 80D had no problems acquiring the birds against the sky in any of its Zone focus modes (although its hit rate was lower that my 7D II before the problem developed, which is to be expected).

Canon quoted $389 for the estimated repair cost (yikes!). Has anyone dealt with their repair services? How likely will they be able to repair it? $389's a lot of salad to fix a five year old camera; on the other hand, I'm not looking for an "upgrade" as there's nothing in their lineup that suits my needs. I guess it's either fix this one, buy a new 7D II, or sit tight with the 80D until 2025 or whenever Canon comes up with a suitable 7D II replacement.


What exactly is it that Canon is going to fix for $389?

I provided a detailed description of the problem and checked the "AF Calibration" and "Other" boxes. It seemed like an automated response based on the boxes I checked.

Odd thing is, mine started doing the same last week. Hopefully just atmospherics or something odd. Or it could be a special chip that turns cameras to cheese then the manufacturer releases a new model.

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