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Re: Licensing for Architectural photography question

Keisersoze wrote:

Thanks for the response. There was no agreement previously in terms of what the architectural companies can and cannot do. Some were giving them out, while others would contact me and ask me if they can give them out but I have nothing in writing. Basically I'm kinda starting from scratch in terms of licensing.

In particular I'm concerned how to raise this to one company who didn't like that I gave the images out for free to the owner, they said its not fair because they payed for them and owner would be getting them for free but its strange because they're now one of the ones who sometimes ask me if I'm okay to give the images away to the owner when the owner asks...

You need a clear and comprehensive contract if you are in this business. Not just for the licensing component but also for liability and a clear articulation of the rights responsibilities of the parties.

As for the licensing, note that I have successfully collected many thousands of dollars from infringers of my images who were subcontractors and vendors. It is not about losing customers by making them mad for asking to be paid, but rather the contract explicitly informed the client that sharing images was forbidden and that the subcontractors were knowingly trying to cheat. These are clients I do not need.

A well written contract is an enormously important resource when things go wrong. And as we still live on Earth, they will.

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