After July 9th, who is in for R5s?

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Re: After July 9th, who is in for R5s?

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It was not long ago people were buying the 5DSR for billboards and large prints.

I was regularly shooting for clients making billboards back with a 6MP Canon 10D that were brilliant. Looked like any other high end camera.

Maximum MP has proven to be a false prophet. Subject matter, technique and viewing distance all work together to determine actual res needed. For most applications 20MP will do the trick.

i disagree, i have taken my best personal shot with my 40D (10mpx) and there is absolutely no room for cropping, sure there are software that can extrapolate the photo bits but i am not sure a close up view of an A1 size photo would look like!

Reliance on high res and cropping does not count as good technique. You are also ignoring the role subject plays in the need for res. Some subjects need more than others. Viewing distance is also enormously important. 
I even had vertical crops of my 6MP files made to billboard size. 
You may also not remember Nikon’s intro of their 2MP Coolpix 950 in 1999 where they draped a 45 foot tall poster down the side of a building in NYC. Looked brilliant.

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