Barn swallows in flight , Cormorant takes off

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Re: Barn swallows in flight , Cormorant takes off

p900learner wrote:

Nice images ANAYV, swallows are difficult to photograph they fly so fast (at least they are for me). You're practice paid off on these - good job.

Thanks Ev.

The swallows are definitely American Tree Swallows.

Yeah...I mixed them.up..again

Now the yellow bird is a puzzle - its highly unlikely it is a Saffron Finch. I peaked at your profile - assuming you took these in Alaska - the Saffron Finch is found no where in the U.S. except Hawaii, and Puerto Rico where they were introduced years ago. They are S. American birds that do not migrate.

I believe its an immature / juvenile something - but what, my guesses would probably be wrong. This is going to bug me - I'll continue to try and ferret it out. First thought, it is an immature Prothonotory Warbler - but their range does not extend to Alaska.

What kind of habitat was it in?

Stay safe - Ev


Oops...I think that shot was taken at a zoo.

Could be from anywhere if thats the case.

Enjoy your day...and

Stay healthy


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