How do I best protect my new pocket camera outdoors in all seasons?

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How do I best protect my new pocket camera outdoors in all seasons?

My new camera will not come with a seal against the climate.

So I like going camping a lot, and I already have some experience using this other cheap digital pocket camera, and some issues have become apparent. As I am about to start using a new and more expensive digital pocket camera soon, I thought I would solicit here for some input and ideas for things to think about when brining your camera camping, to avoid damaging it.


Somehow, I have feared the cold weather, or rather, the low temperature when brining a camera out in the snow when camping, but according to a video on youtube, the cold itself, beyond making the battery infefficient, is said to NOT be something that will be harming the camera per se, unless you bring a cold camera into a warm house and end up with condensation inside the camera. Also I think I've learned that winter cold air tend to have low relative humidity, so that is a plus I guess, unlike summer time with more moisture in the air..

However, I swear I ended up with a condensations issue inside my old/present camera during camping, even when it wasn't winter cold outside, by leaving the camera out in the open at night. In addition to some kind of damage or aesthetic smear behind the big digital display, it seemed obvious that there was moisture elsewhere inside the camera. The display issue, never cleared up and some bright plotches can be seen behind the digital display still today, but besid that my old camera still works and works 100% it seems.

Q: So, it seems obvious now that I must be attentive to cover the camera at night to avoid it soaking up moisture from the air, like when camping next to a lake, or when raining, but how much is enough? Presumably, not all camera bags are sealed with a zipper, so maybe I ought to bring a plastic bag with a zipper with silica balls in it at a bare minimum?

Q:So, ought I NOT take photos out when it is raining? Even if the rain isn't splashing at all at the camera? Presumably, rain greatly raises the relative humidity in the air. Or, NOT taking photos early in the morning?

Q: When it is cold outside and I want to bring the camera inside a house, would it be sufficient to place the camera inside a sealed plastic bag, or would it have to be more convoluted for avoiding creating condensation inside/outside the camera? I think I understsand that it is the existing air inside and outside of the camera, that create the condensation when the air is heated up, so, I guess, by sealing cold winter air with an already low absolute condensation % inside a bag, one prevents condensation from forming when brining that bag inside a hot house. Is silica bags even necessary, if the moisture levels are low already inside the bag from the winter air?


I was thinking of bying this lens pen cleaning product that also comes with a brush. Would an attachable clear UV lens be a good investment for protecting the lens/covering parts against dust? The new camera, like my old camera, have these imo thin flimsly parts that cover the lens when powering off, and there is afaik no lens cover product per se, for this camera I have been told by the manfacturer.


Ok, so I should avoid getting my camera wet, either in use, and when tucked away, maybe in a jacket or in a backpack.

Q: I guess if my camera gets wet accidentally, I should wipe it dry as soon as possible, but are there other things I can do to help dry the camera? Maybe brining a plastic bag with (unsaturated) silica balls might help for drying a camera that already has become wet?


I was thinking I could maybe add some bits of clear tape over the buttons to try increase the longevity of the printed text/icons on the buttons, but I honestly have no idea if this is a sensible concern or not, for expecting the printed text/icons to wear out within the next five years of use.

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