D7500 which super Telephoto? 150-600, 100-400 vs my AFP 70-300

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Re: D7500 which super Telephoto? 150-600, 100-400 vs my AFP 70-300

lokatz wrote:

Shooting cars, I think a 150-600 would be an overkill. That's different for bird shooters, but are you really sure you need that much focal length?

No it's not overkill. at motorsport events your view is often obstructed by catch fencing at track level. it's not fun to shoot through a chain link lens filter. this means you need to move up embankments or to the back of  grandstands to shoot over the catch fencing, 5 or 600mm also gives you the opportunity of shooting cars coming out of a corner that may be a longer distance away but you are not physically able to get to. I use a 70-300  in conjunction with the 200-500 even so I often need to crop.

This was shot at 500mm and cropped,

My recommendation is one you may not have considered: get an AF-P 70-300 DX VR lens and retire your AF-S one. I've owned the AF-S and now have the AF-P FX version, which does not seem to be way ahead of the DX one from all the reports I saw, and I have to tell you that while at the time I sort of liked it (not knowing any better), in hindsight I think the AF-S lens was a miserable performer. In other words, the combination of your D7500 with a SHARP 300mm lens may make you happier than getting a longer lens. Take another look at that Toyota shot you posted: the lettering on the windshield should be crystal clear and at least the large letters on the side window sticker should still be legible with a D7500.

Take a look at your past shots to determine how often you had to crop substantially. I'm guessing that with your favorite subject, the answer is 'not often'. The AF-P lens is not much of an investment, so you could probably still go for a longer lens if you determine it's not enough for you - but I sense you'll find it solves your issues.

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