Leibovitz attacked for not photographing someone right

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Klaus dk
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"My five year old could have done the same" ...

... is something I've heard from people without knowledge about the creative process since I was a child.

It seems to me that if a picture does not conform to the simplest of "rules" and does not confirm already established preconceptions, it all too often is critizised without anybody stopping to think about what the artist behind it is actually trying to show. If you always do the ordinary, your pictures will never be extraordinary.

The idea, concept, and vision behind these pictures are unknown, we only see the results and must deduce backwards from that.

AL knows what she's doing, what she wants and how to achieve it. I've no doubt the results are a deliberate choice.

Should black photographers not be allowed to photograph white people? Should gay photographers be excluded from photographing heterosexuals? Don't you see where this is heading? I recognize that white priviledge needs to be addressed, but there must be a better solution than what is being suggested.

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