Looking to drop my Fuji gear but that 35mm...

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Looking to drop my Fuji gear but that 35mm...

I am getting lazy and I have a small place full of sh*t, trying to get rid of unused stuff and also to optimise so the idea is to be single branded and given I have invested in the F mount Fuji is not redundant but not even my first pick since it is old gear being the first X-Trans iteration but when I am around I just slide the X-Pro1 with the 35/1.4 (I also own the fantastic for the price 18-55 but better like the challenges off a prime not to mention aperture) in a bag and, maybe on purpose, I don't really give it too much care so it has micro abrasions which will make people not buy it so the idea is that I will have to keep that magic combo, yes, just 16MP and once you crop here and there you won't be able to print that big (oh yes, I do still print once in a while) but, to me, there is some magics into this camera/lens combo, even the look of it which doesn't make of it just a tool but something more If you know what I mean...

Went to town with my mum a few days ago to accompany her to a hospital for a check and once she got comfy (who won't in front of a pizza in Napoli!) took a shot and even tho nothing special I do still like to carry this little challenging camera around.

Have a great week start

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