Leibovitz attacked for not photographing someone right

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Re: Leibovitz attacked for not photographing someone right

Annie Leibovitz never struck me as being a very technical photographer. She's more of a director in terms of having a large crew - hair, makeup, costumes, as often as not wild animals, exotic locations and construction crews.

When she does light, it's often with a single Photek softlighter. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she often shot in some sort of programmatic exposure mode. I've seen some behind the scenes vids where she just shows up and starts shooting. When she runs out of film - hands the camera to someone and gets a fresh camera and keeps shooting, never once looking at the dials.

David LaChapelle is also like this - most of his work is in setting up the shoots - set design, etc., the actual shoot itself is done quickly. And then lots of crazy photoshop. (that's sort of his thing)

I do agree that the photos are not that good.

The yellow cover photo looks like the single Photek above the model look - well exposed on top, but by the time you get to her lower body there's a lot of light falloff.

I've done that look a few times myself



But I'm cognizant of how much light falloff there is, whether I can bring it up in post, or whether I can disguise it with wardrobe. I'm pretty sure I increased the exposure on the black leggings in the first photo just to give it some shape - but I'd planned for that on the shoot.

The jumping photo against muslin - I don't know what's going on there. I would guess some sort of scrim was used to diffuse the light, or maybe it's just trees (the mottled light pattern on the muslin implies trees?). And then maybe some on-camera flash judging by the lack of shadows and the way the light reflects off of her skin.

But the flash was way underpowered. Maybe she set the flash EV down because it was getting the exposure wrong? Or it was just didn't recycle fast enough because she was shooting rapidfire?

The on-camera flash look should be really good at providing definition to her muscles. It basically reflects light back on the parts of the skin that face the camera, and there's a falloff to the sides as the skin that doesn't face the camera doesn't reflect light back.



The grey cover (with the red dress) looks like the same as the jump photo and is at least well exposed. You can see by the color of the muslin itself how different the two exposures are.

What's baffling is that there are - what 4 photos that came out of that shoot?

And her skin tone is completely different in each photo. I get the yellow cover was a stylistic choice to go with a warmer look - but the other 3?

The 1st and 3rd photo in the row above are the exact same set. On the same day. Yet one is well exposed and other just totally under exposed.

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