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Re: And next time...

MrScorpio wrote:

tasad wrote:

MrScorpio wrote:

tasad wrote:

Looks like you're talking about this thread :

... about this entry :

... DigitalTed posted these negatives :

... as the proof , that the challenge entry was taken with Ilford and Hasselblad film camera. The negatives show very similar but different shots with a different cat and a different tripod. But I believed him that the picture was taken with the B&W Ilford - even if the picture was posted before as the color picture taken with digital camera. So , I had no problem to say : sorry...

And it is absolutely essential to drag his name around as a cheater in Public? Even when you were obviously wrong? Decent behavior? Don’t think so!

Can you carefully analyze above links and tell me why I was 'obviously wrong'...?

For heaven’s sake. It is up to YOU to prove my guilt. Repeat: I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING WRONG! Stop stalking me.

Don’t write in this thread any more. Of course I feel forced to respond when you Publically accuse me of cheating. Have I done that? No!!! And yet here I am being jumped upon in a thread where people, including me, starting to be questioned for what’s going on in our private lives (my work with my ex-wife, another member’s background in psychology etc etc).
This is not normal Tasad!

Im asking you again please stop stalking me in this thread. And understand that when you and your private Royal Court run against me for things I havent don you continuously force me to respond.

Yep, I totally agree. The vigilante gang approach, complete with the goons and dysfunctional sidekicks, is bizarre and harmful. The power of the keyboard...

Clearly even the apology to the other member that he buried at the end of his accusation thread was totally disingenuous, given he is now insisting that he was not wrong and challenging you to prove (to his own satisfaction) otherwise.

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