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Re: And next time...

MrScorpio wrote:

tasad wrote:

New Day Rising wrote:

Maybe it's my background in criminology and psychology (...)

What the 'background' means : an education , a work ... ?

WHAT gives you the right to start digging into his private life/background now?

Dont you see yourself this is getting out of hands???

This is a PHOTOGRAPHY site. Not your personal playground for destroying people’s names in public!

I AM NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING and yet here I am, accused by you for things I HAVE NOT DONE!

Sick. Seriously SICK Tasad...

I agree overall with all that you have said in this thread, Marcus.

In fairness (I believe in fairness, even if others don't) I did open the door to that question, so I will answer it.

The reference to my background refers to my studies in psychology and criminology (two masters degrees) and 20 or so years working in the criminal justice system.

In response to David1961s comment - While I have visited a bunch of prison, I have never served time. If I had been referring to a period of imprisonment I would likely have used the word "crime", rather than "criminology".

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