Putting the R5 into perspective

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Re: Putting the R5 into perspective

johncal wrote:

I think there are certain people who would complain if Jesus came down from heaven and gave them the camera for free.

I have one advantage of being 65 years old. We had crap when I was young for cameras. I had a fully manual 35mm film camera and when I got a fully manual 200mm zoom lens I though I died and went to heaven. I am very thankful we live in a world where technology gives us all it does, but people who are born with everything at their disposal can easily be jaded and more. not all, but some.

I think Canon did a great job on these camera, and if you don't like them, don't buy them. Sure, some respectful criticism or a thoughtful wishes are appropriate, but come on........

I appreciate that the OP has defended the product for what it is and spent a lot of thoughtful time putting in perspective. thank you for that!

As a fellow member of the 65 club I am also remembering the days of pre-set lenses, manual wind and focus along with buying film.

Our gear is so good now we are free to spend time taking pictures instead of paying attention to all the bits of the craft just to get an exposure worth printing.

Reminds me of my grandfather telling me how he flew a various aircraft in WWI. The amount of work just getting the engine running makes me wonder how they ever got off the ground.

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