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Are you willing to buy used? If so, I would think you could get an A7III with the kit lens at that price.

The kit zoom is awful, to be replaced as soon as possible. Honestly, it's a waste of a good camera. If you're happy with its level of performance, you might as well go Micro Four Thirds, because you'll get only 16-20MP of resolution from it anywhere away from the center, even when mounted on a 42MP body. I know, because I have extensive MFT and a7III/a7RIII kits, and I did the comparison on a group portrait of 80 people, stopped down with flash.

I'll assume you had a bad experience with an outlier. I find the Sony FE 28-70 OSS to be an excellent kit zoom...

That’s not a safe assumption. The lens is not decentered. It is simply soft outside the central 20% of the frame, especially so beyond the APS frame. Reviews and tests are consistent with my finding.

If you find yours “excellent”, I’m willing to bet you’re using a 24MP, not a 42MP body, and you haven’t compared it against better zooms or primes in controlled testing.

The OP was asking about 24 MP cameras. I have tested the FE 28-70 OSS in much more controlled situations than group portraits of 80 people. Primes are irrelevant.

Well, all I can say is that, even stopped down to f8, mine so poorly resolved the faces of 60 of my 80 subjects that I immediately shelved it and bought a 24-105/4. I consider the 28-70 unusable for this kind of work.

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