A question re Tamron 28-200 and SS

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Re: A question re Tamron 28-200 and SS

Jeff2013 wrote:

The age-old formula of 1/FL came from the film and early digital cameras with an effective 8 to 12mp of resolution. Higher resolution sensors, such as 42mp, will require at least 1/2*FL or 1/3*FL for equivalency.

Shooting 200mm at 1/100 second will need to take advantage of IBIS to obtain a high statistical average of sharp shots, for the average shooter. In testing, I have shot 200mm on the 28-200m at 1/20 second and obtained about a 20% probability of a critically sharp shot. As a note, I developed stable shooting techniques back in the film days when wasted shots were costly.

At 200mm, on this lens, I will try to shoot 1/200 second minimum (relying on IBIS). If I shoot at slower speeds, I will often take multiple shots to increase the probability of obtaining a critically sharp shot on the 61mp A7RIV.

Ugh. That’s not what I had hoped to hear. I’m planning on switching from Olympus to a Sony A7Riv. At 200mm equivalent on my Olympus I get over 90% critically sharp at 1/3 second, but appreciate that is only a 20MP sensor.

What sort of shutter speed does the A7Riv need when using a stabilised lens (such as the new Sigma 100-400) at 200mm?

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