Hating my Sony A6000

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Re: Hating my Sony A6000

ZMM14 wrote:

Since I became a new mom I wanted to be able to capture all those fast movement of my kid and also portraits, so I decided to try a brand new (in 2019) Sony Alpha 6000 with the kit lens 16-50mm.

Some will criticise the kit lens, but it is unlikely to be the cause of you troubles.

Bottom line I haven't been able to take a single one sharp picture with this camera using either the kit lens or the Sony FE 50mm. I have seen so many videos on the different focusing modes, setting and all possible things I could be doing wrong.

Have you read the user manual? Most of the on-line videos are misleading.

I'm starting to hated it... thinking seriously on selling it and going back to my old but lovely Canon500D with my $48 dollars Chinese lens, back button and focus and recompose method (I'm still struggling with this method on the A6000).

You shouldn't need BBF or focus and recompose with the a6000. using the correct AF method, you should be able to select a focus point and track that while you compose the shot.

What can I do? how can I test the lens or camera to know if there is something wrong with either or is just me not knowing how to use it!

Try the "Intelligent Auto" mode of your camera.

Despite its small size, the a6000 is a complex little beast, and may take you up to a year to get the best from it.

Final tip: Don't worry about Bokeh, Manual mode and all the other distractions that beginners suffer.

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