D7500 which super Telephoto? 150-600, 100-400 vs my AFP 70-300

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Re: D7500 which super Telephoto? 150-600, 100-400 vs my AFP 70-300

So, um. I did buy a Sigma 150-600. Found one an hour away on Facebook Marketplace at what I thought a great price with the USB dock. I'm considering it a long term rental right now, as the pics I've been snapping outside my house aren't that great.

I know there's a ton of focus calibration that can be done with this lens, but it does seem very very tediious to try it at multiple focal lengths and then at multiple distances from subject. I'll get to it this week hopefully and try stuff out. But various pics of a car at the full 600 , kinda simulating the shot at the track I'm envisioning, it probably is more reach than I need, 500 would probably be enough, but quickly taking a few pics, reviewing them, and then adjusting the camera's builtin auto focus fine tune , retaking it, trying a different fine tune, more pics and so forth, just to get an idea of which adjustments to make for the dock. However, these quick adjustments, never yielded great results. I saw some bad ones and then far better, but definitely not as good as my little DX 70-300.

I'll play with it some more the next couple weeks, take it to the track on the July 26th is when I get a chance to shoot at Laguna next and see how it works.

It's also HEAVY. And this is the light one. There's no way I'd want the 200-500 Nikon anymore now, as I know that's an extra pound. Yeesh.

So yeah, I'm not worried, saw a deal, took it, and trying it out to see how i like it. If i don't, i'll party ways, be glad i tried it to never wonder about it, and likely get the 100-400 Sigma instead.

Jared Polin's sample photos of the 100-400 with a D500 at the zoo are outstanding in my opinion. That's what I'm hoping to be able to get out of the 150-600 in terms of detail

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