D7500 which super Telephoto? 150-600, 100-400 vs my AFP 70-300

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Re: D7500 which super Telephoto? 150-600, 100-400 vs my AFP 70-300

lokatz wrote:

Shooting cars, I think a 150-600 would be an overkill. That's different for bird shooters, but are you really sure you need that much focal length?

My recommendation is one you may not have considered: get an AF-P 70-300 DX VR lens and retire your AF-S one. I've owned the AF-S and now have the AF-P FX version, which does not seem to be way ahead of the DX one from all the reports I saw, and I have to tell you that while at the time I sort of liked it (not knowing any better), in hindsight I think the AF-S lens was a miserable performer. In other words, the combination of your D7500 with a SHARP 300mm lens may make you happier than getting a longer lens. Take another look at that Toyota shot you posted: the lettering on the windshield should be crystal clear and at least the large letters on the side window sticker should still be legible with a D7500.

Take a look at your past shots to determine how often you had to crop substantially. I'm guessing that with your favorite subject, the answer is 'not often'. The AF-P lens is not much of an investment, so you could probably still go for a longer lens if you determine it's not enough for you - but I sense you'll find it solves your issues.

So I do have the AF-P one.

The Toyota shot, I have single point engaged and I have it right on the nose, so that's why the window sticker is blown out. I know lots with cars go for mega depth of field, but I like making them more into portraits. Cars with long noses like the Supra exaggerate the thinner depth of field in this case even more.

I wonder if the AF-P FX is better at the long end than the DX on a crop sensor.

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