Nikon 58mm 1.4g on the Z6 appreciation thread

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Re: Just for the bokeh is the Z 85mm a competing lens?

I haven’t used the 58 on my Z6 so after this thread I decided to see how it works. And unlike my D850 it seems the focus was spot on with no adjustments, what a joy to use...

Sukuwea Enikkusu wrote:

Thank your everyone. Glad people can see the value of this lens.

Yes, it was the lowest iso. I didn't notice anything about dr but then again I don't pixelpeep these tings.

I generally buy lenses used and I got the 58mm for a steal, so not much price difference for me. The bokeh of the 58mm is smoother and rendered more uniquely. 85mm is no slouch either. I would be content with either one without missing the other. What I like about the 85mm that you don't have to worry about high contrast situations at all. It saves you work in post for sure. For client work I guess the 85mm might be more reliable.

Depends on your usage, I find the 58mm to be more versatile for the style I am going for. If you do lots of head and shoulders or half body shots, the 85mm might be more versatile for you because of less distortion.

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