Hating my Sony A6000

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Re: Hating my Sony A6000

ZMM14 wrote:

Since I became a new mom I wanted to be able to capture all those fast movement of my kid and also portraits, so I decided to try a brand new (in 2019) Sony Alpha 6000 with the kit lens 16-50mm.

Bottom line I haven't been able to take a single one sharp picture with this camera using either the kit lens or the Sony FE 50mm. I have seen so many videos on the different focusing modes, setting and all possible things I could be doing wrong.

I'm starting to hated it... thinking seriously on selling it and going back to my old but lovely Canon500D with my $48 dollars Chinese lens, back button and focus and recompose method (I'm still struggling with this method on the A6000).

When using the A6000 to take posed pictures, are you pressing the shutter button down half way, then pausing to allow the focus to lock, before pressing the shutter button all the way down to snap the picture?  Pausing to allow focus to lock is a must for sharp pictures.

Also, since you do the focus and recompose method (which is great and what I use), did you set your camera for single area focus in the menu?  Single area focus puts a small square box in the center of the viewfinder for the focus area.  Put that square on the face of your subject, then half press and wait for focus to lock (a beep or an indicator in the viewfinder).  Then recompose and then press the shutter all the way down SLOWLY until the shutter trips.  So slowly that the shutter tripping surprises you.  That minimizes hand held camera shake.

Be sure that image stabilization is enabled on your camera for sharpest handheld pictures.

Finally for snaps of moving kids, try taking video using the 4K resolution that the A6000 is capable of.  Then use the free VLC program to extract stills from the video.  Stills extracted from 4K video are about 8MP in size which can be used for 8x10 inch prints with no loss of resolution.


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