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Decisive Comment wrote:

tasad wrote:

As a host it's your job and responsibility to check if entries comply with the rules you've set ... Also it's your job and responsibility to monitor your challenges for any voting abnormalities . If you don't or not going to do this - you're not a 'host' , you're just announcer of challenges ...

This is quite false.


The challenge is then announced and the challenge host can take it easy in the days before submissions open. However, once entries start flooding in (and until the end of the voting phase) the host needs to review any complaints made against submitted images.

  1. Review complaints
  2. Disqualify entries (pro-actively and/or in response to complaints)

At a minimum, a host's "job" is to review and act on complaints. That's it. If 50 of 100 entries are cheats and no one lodges a complaint, the host is not obligated to act. The host can opt to pro-actively DQ entries, or DQ on a complaint, or apply both methods. As for monitoring for voting abnormalities, it's not a requirement of the "job" at all.

If you want hosts to have the responsibilities that you feel they should have, perhaps ask DPR admins to update their hosting requirements. Until then, a host really is permitted to be "just announcer of challenges" and expected to deal with complaints (which are mostly about whether a submitted image adheres to a theme). Nothing more.

Really ?... Looks like   as a host - you've never care about this , which can be seen ( only for host) under each entry during the voting phase :

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