After July 9th, who is in for R5s?

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Re: After July 9th, who is in for R5s?

Light Pilgrim wrote:

I seriously love what Canon did yesterday. Great-great move to catch up with Sony. I would say that the only two things that I believe were negative for me is the heating issue and short battery performance. I do not use video, though, so practically I would not be impacted.

I, however, feel that this is not the camera for me. I am into landscapes most of the time and really want to spend money on something that will be perfectly designed for it. IBIS is not needed, high FPS not needed, video not needed.

Pure focus on high MP, sharpness and DR at base ISO.

I think that there is a high probability that Canon will release R5s in 2021. Who is in the same group as me?

The R5 is a tour de force in video with stills being an incremental advance WRT to the competition. However, IBIS is  a leap for Canon.

The issue for me is that I rarely need a high frame rate or IBIS as my business is architectural photography. As for DR and res, the 5DsR is more then adequate and the mkIV is actually used more. Ironically, the only advance that is useful is the USB C port for a better connection to my CamRanger.

A new, high res sensor in the range of 80MP may show up but I doubt people will be as impressed as they think they will be. Even 100MP Fuji files are impressive only in the aspect of being able to zoom in to a crazy degree. DR is better but in most situations an advantage that is invisible.

I have been in this too long to get gulled by the promise of technology. The images we get today are brilliant, limited only by subject matter and operator skill and luck.

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