DXOMark admits they screwed up their Canon 1D X Mark III sensor review

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Re: That's a long time

DotCom Editor wrote:

KiloHotelphoto wrote:

DXO lost all respect when they gave the Pentax 645Z their first ever score over 100 years ago.

I didn't realize that the Pentax 645Z was DxO's first-ever score. And I certainly had no idea the company has been doing this for more than a hundred years. That's along time!

Ha, I should’ve used a coma there now that I look at it again. But I was in the Marine Corps and they call us crayon eaters for a reason. 
But you can search and find the screen shots of when DXO first tested the 645Z. I believe it scored a 102 and then it was gone. After that lots of people started wondering just how independent they are.

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