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Re: Sigma Foveon Mono Black & White

richard stone wrote:

SigmaTog wrote:

Thanks Mac
That is what I was thinking / hoping.
The new fp bayer camera seems to have some 'nutella' ?

It shouldn't have much "Nutella," because I understand it has no AA filter. On the other hand, it is in the nature of CFA sensors to have what amounts to a great deal fewer actual pixels for a given color than one might think. And then there is the interpolation issue...

The Q cameras in particular have the potential to look a lot sharper.

Similarly, it will be interesting to compare the fp to a 20 MP FF Foveon sensor in the not too distant future. In terms of "pixels" (for folks that like to talk about pixels compared to photo-sites...) those are pretty close numbers.

Mr. Yamaki weighs in:

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