Reliabilty of m43 mirrorless cameras

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Mixed experiences: Reliable E-PL1, unreliable E-M5

I had never problems with the E-PL1 which i used four years as my only camera (except smartphone cam) and some more years as second camera - ok, after six or seven years of use the faux leather peeled of the hand grip in the tropical heat of India but with some glue that was easy to "repair" when I was back in Europe. While my E-M5 (first generation) bought as my next camera had two repairs after three to four years (so outside warranty)- first it didn't wake up from sleeping mode unless I tuned it off and on again and sometimes I had to change battery- initially I ignored that, but than sent it in for repair when the screen begun to turn darker and darker unless it was unusable (it wasn't broken so I don't know what caused the problem) - than it turned out that the shutter was damaged too (unrelated to the other two problems). One year later or so I had to send it in again, because the camera often lost contact with the battery and after some time only worked when i added some paper or rubberband do thicken the battery (of cause I tried to clean the contacts and different batteries, but that didn't help), this time the repair was cheaper than the first time. So for me the "cheap model" turned out to be more reliable than the highly praised E-M5.

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