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Re: You have used multiple accounts

New Day Rising wrote:

David1961 wrote:

I am no more accountable to you than you are to me.

I never said you were. I couldn't care less what you think.

Thank you for confirming your questions do nothing more than waste my time as I posted earlier

At the same time, I reserve the right to comment on what I see as inappropriate behaviour by other forum members. Yeah, yeah, I know about the complaint button yada yada.

No problem. I also post comments some times on what I see as inappropriate behaviour.

The most recent time being this thread where a member has used multiple accounts.

I have called it as it is and how I see it.

I, like everyone else is entitled to if they choose to, am under no obligation whatsoever to blindly accept unsubstantiated claims from anonymous people anywhere on the www.

And you have established a nice little logical device by which you can accuse people of whatever you want and require them to prove their innocence while having predetermined that it will be impossible for them to do so. Cute.

I have made no accusations at all.

If  your opinion is that I have and you need me to take it  seriously, then perhaps consider posting any sentence I have posted in which you believe I have made an accusation.

If you post anthing that proves anything I have posted in this thread is not 100% accurate, then I might consider taking your questions seriously.

You make posts that only contain your opinions and other content that are not amenable to any assessment of accuracy. Another one of the logical impossibilities you like to establish.

Thank you for your opinion.

Otherwise they are simply wasting my time for the reason in my first sentence in this post.

Oh, no. I am terribly, terribly sorry for wasting your precious time on this forum.

Apology accepted

But thank you for your opinions anyway

I seriously hope for the sake of other people that you are nothing in real life like the persona you present on here.

Thank you for your concern.

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