Barn swallows in flight , Cormorant takes off

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Re: Barn swallows in flight , Cormorant takes off

Hope you're enjoying your D7500 as I am. Terrific cam. In my opinion best bang for the money in its class, except for its Lv performance. It even does very well in 1.3x crop mode (800mm FL). I was a sceptic at first, but now I engage it frequently as it still brings out fine results. Hence my female shrike image in Pana Wildlife thread.

I have a chance to thoroughly test the P950 in-person but we're in times of Covid spreading hugely. Those official Nikon test copies are going from one journalist hands to another. Mind you, those folks don't care about the hygiene at all. And Covid virus can stay active on surfaces for several days. Maybe to disinfect it myself? Probably not as those disinfection fluids can harm the body surface ... We'll wait a bit.

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