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Re: You have used multiple accounts

New Day Rising wrote:

David1961 wrote:

You have admitted to using multiple accounts on this forum which is in clear breach of the rules as pointed out earlier in the thread.

Unless having multiple accounts was permissible when you created the second account, you are not giving me any reason to place any credibility whatsoever in the accuracy and honesty of anything else you have posted.

What else has he posted that would anticipate, or indeed warrant, you to make any kind of judgement or assessment of accuracy or honesty at all? He has expressed an opinion. Why should his opinion require a test of honesty or accuracy?

Other people have seen some of the unconditional statements he is presenting as facts without any verifiable evidence to support them.

I stopped believing unsubstantiated claims from anonymous people anywhere on the www a long time ago now.

Yeah, we know. So what?

Not everyone knows, but more are slowly becoming aware

If you feel you have been harshly treated, you have the option to click, if you haven't already done so, the "Complain" button and let the moderators and administrators decide if they agree with you or not.

It's a sad world when people can no longer request basic courtesy without having to go through an independent authority.

I have no time for cheaters when they refuse to accept they have done wrong and/or apologised.

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